Theme V New highway parking spaces

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1. high number of truck parking spaces missing

2. Model of a new car park above the motorway and service area
3. example on the A52

1. high number of truck parking spaces missing

Truck drivers must strictly adhere to the regulations on driving times and take appropriate breaks. Unfortunately, the number of parking spaces has not been adjusted with these regulations.
There are other solutions here.
The construction of new parking spaces could be more quickly and environmentally friendly if the existing parking spaces were extended with a second level. In other words, additional parking spaces could be built above the current parking areas of the service areas including the roadways, e.g. with steel scaffolding.

Planning permission should be possible quickly, as
1. only the existing areas are built over, with appropriate boundary distances,
2. no new areas need to be sealed and protected,
3. no further compensation areas need to be created,
4. both sides of the service areas with crossings can be used together by making optimum use of all parking spaces,
5. if necessary, the areas above the highway can be used additionally and
6. the new areas can be equipped with solar panels to provide shade and generate electricity.

2. Model of a new car park above the motorway and service area

The upper car parking areas can be reached from both directions and you can drive on in both directions.

3. example on the A52

The construction itself can be carried out quickly using prefabricated parts. The social rooms could be built above the existing service areas on the 2nd level so that the existing technology can be used.
The costs are also lower, as far fewer resources are used. With parking space management via the network and with advance displays, the search for a parking space is simplified and there is less search traffic.
Here are examples of the Cloerbruch service area on the A52 in Germany.

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