Car traffic by rail

Click here for the full video. Included here are:

1. the stops that could be built in front of every front door, 2. the rails that could be built in any street,

3. the intersections that can always approach any direction,

4. problems with the height of the rail,

5. Endless range without having to change trains,

6. Green habitable and playable roads,

7. without noise and without fine dust,

8. long-distance transport and

9. the funding

Here you can find the videos of the elevator company whose technology is the basis for this idea.

The video on the right shows the details of the rails, the turntable and the coupling piece between the rail and the cabin.


TK Aufzüge GmbH, Bernhäuser Strasse 45, 73765 Neuhausen a.d.F., Germany




The constructions have not yet been clarified exactly, but the aim is to manufacture the vehicles and also the rails in an environmentally friendly way using natural resources. For this, techniques still need to be developed accordingly. There are already bridges made of recycled material today, the request is on its way.

The mistakes of today's systems must not be repeated. Even if production with natural resources may be more expensive. But how is expensive calculated? Are the costs of the planet taken into account? The overall balance of the system must clearly be climate neutral.


Our planet will not forgive another wrong decision.


The rails are to be made of prefabricated parts that can be quickly erected on site. The stops will also be delivered and built as prefabricated parts.

This makes it easy to replace and repair parts. In addition, the costs can be reduced.

Problem of jobs:


No study has been carried out on this because our initiative lacks the competencies. However, the entire construction takes about 10 years. It will take another 10 years until all today's vehicles are recycled and taken out of service.

The production of the many new vehicles and the rails will require many jobs. Redesigning the streets will also require a large workforce. The conversion is complex.

The task is enormous, but we must try with all our might and with all means to repair the enormous damage to nature over the past 30-50 years.


Then there is the world that needs to be fed with this technology, and fast.

A job is not a justification for standing still, the price is our planet.


We can still deal with the problem and discuss it for a few more years.

Our planet doesn't care, it doesn't need us, we prepared its way for it,

the path in the direction of global warming, which points to over 2 degrees.


Let's turn the wheel around and head in a different direction where nature has priority one.

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