Theme IV  Borderless European Ticket

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  1. How is it with the ticket or the ticket when we all talk about 5G and demand it
  2. Systems are already in operation
  3. The specialist concept that is already partly in operation

1. How is it with the ticket or the ticket when we all talk about 5G and demand it


It's annoying when you want to use public transport and don't have a ticket. There's the internet, can you buy one there? Yes, but do I have everything then? How far does the ticket go?

Just ask yourself a few questions:

where do I get my ticket from,

are there limits to the transport companies that sell their own tickets,

are there offers,

if it works across Europe across all borders,

across all transport companies,

via all necessary means of transport,

with the connections,

where is my connection stop?

Sure, for those who have always been using public transport, no problem, they can find everything and get new information quickly. But everyone else?

What is the time we live in today, what is the standard in logistics, at car manufacturers etc. doesn't everything run automatically?

We only stop at the good old ticket, but something works.


The egotism and power of each haulier remains a problem for the solution.


A help for more public transport use and more customer friendliness, but to love the environment is on the way.

2. Systems are already in operation


3. The technical concept, which is already partly in operation


Approx. 90 % are described, the other 10 % are very specific and must be solved accordingly.

Technical concept for a borderless European ticketing system. The link leads to a German-English document. Ideas from the 9-EURO-Ticket in Germany have been incorporated. For the long-term solution, however, it must be like driving a car in Europe, getting in and driving off, with a NAVI exactly to the destination, stop, platform or location of the means of transport. All means of transport must be included. From e-rollers to ICE/TGV. 

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